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Impact systems
Nuts and screws could be stiff or blocked owed to the rust. Fortunately the impact wrenches are able to loosen
them without problems and with no effort by the tool user. The most common version for car repair workshops
is 1/2” square size suitable for nuts and bolts up to M-14 / M-16.
For bigger vehicles we will reach up to M-22 / M-24 with an impact wrench of 3/4” square size. For trucks,
coaches, etc, mainly is used the 1” square with applications in another several kinds of industry such as sea-
manship, construction or petro chemistry.
The common opinion says that the torque of
an impact wrench is the same as the perfor-
mance although it is not completely exact.
In spite of the appearance of this family tool
that is very similar the differences are on the
prices which change according to the impact
system mechanism qualities.
For a sporadic purpose we recommend you
to buy the cheapest model. When the use is
more often and intensive, you shall consider
an industrial version. With sturdy raw mate-
rials from manufacturing and the best quality
in the inner impact systems, these tools gua-
ranty you a large durability.
Normally the cheaper ones are the ones used
in the simple hammer system and those with
a more heavy duty or industrial requirement,
are used in the double hammer or the twin
Also features like vibration, sound level and
weight have influence on prices.
Nowadays the modern impact wrenches have
the light materials like composite with a han-
dle exhaust against the traditional front air
The torque
Choosing the correct impact wrench
Rocking dog Double hammer
Pin clutch Jumbo hammer Twin hammer
This one single
hammer gives a
blow each time.
Recommended for
a medium duty
This two
hammers system
which blow
twice each turn,
guarantees a
steady torque
with the lower
This mechanism
blows alternately
against the tool
shaft giving a fast
and high torque
This sturdy
system, with a
similar function as
the twin hammer
provides a high
torque power.
Recommended for
a medium duty
This mechanism
blows in a
way and offering
a well-balanced
impact, without
vibrations. It is
for a heavy and
medium duty use.