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These screwdrivers show an exclusive handle with an Elastomer cover which provides an excellent grip surface
besides a thermic isolation for the user´s hand. Also it is important to emphasize their features about the per-
formance with clutches which offer a maximum precision and a wide torque range.
The design together with the ergonomics and a light weight are determinant factors when selecting a tool. These
screwdrivers meet these requirements what means a minimum fatigue level for workers and a maximum of
Also it is available an external regulation of the clutch to adjust the torque without disassembling the tool. The
high power of the pneumatic tool standsout and this allows it to adapt to different applications.
Easy bit fitting
One hand
reverse function
External Clutch regulation
with a wide torque range
Maximum clutch
Elastomer body
uality within reach of your hand
Tools holster
Free direction tool holster, specially designed
for holding tools both versions, straight or
pistol type. This accessory helps to leave the
tool and as well to protect it against blows.
Also keeps clean the work place.
YA 050097
This tool bracket is available in 2 diameters, Ø
44 mm the original body (big size) and Ø 37 mm
with a sleeve inside (small size) so between them
can be held some different tool models.
Ø 44 mm
Ø 37 mm