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There is a large quantity of innovations within the pneumatic
tools production, under the technological aspect, where the
performance has been improved sharply or under the design,
with important transformations mainly since the composite
material appeared to cover the tool. Among its features this
material provides a thermic protection, avoid the vibration and
let a more ergonomic and lightweight design. All this means
tools are more comfortable and lucrative.
Technology & Innovation
Guide to choose the tool
All our tools are manufactured to meet the professional product requirements, regardless
its duty level.
Your decision when choosing the correct tool can be very important when you have to
establish the diference between efficacy, know how to choose the suitable tool and efficiency,
to obtain the desired preformance.
We would like to provide you the relevant information so you are able to make the correct
decision about which is the best tool depending on the level requested for each application.
• Range for intermittent duty purpose
This range is designed for discontinuous jobs. The result is optimum in situations with a
moderate request, offering a good balance between performance and economy.
• Range for continuous duty purpose
This range has demonstrated its efficacy offering a high performance for often use
applications. In fact it is the most demanded one among our customers.
• Range for high duty purpose
This range offers a high level of quality and sturdiness which assures a high performance
and an optimum productivity.
• Range for heavy duty purpose
The product from this range offers stamina and durability unbeatable along time under the
most demanding and heavy applications.
Yagüe Importaciones is engaged with this kind of technological
progress since long time ago and established a direct relationship
with the manufacturers to issue and to feed back the market
needs. Thus we can offer to our customers the most recent
designs and new technology developments.