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lutches and torque systems
Air-Shut-Off Clutch
This system will cut the air supply automatically when reaching the
set-up torque.
It is recommended for high precision torque request because it keeps
the control of a steady tighten with a big accuracy. The main impor-
tant benefits obtained by this kind of clutch are a low noise, minimum
vibration, lower air consumption and more tool durability.
With this system the user is advised instantly that the screwing pro-
cess is completely finished.
This clutch mechanism works by means of 2 balls which slip producing
a sound similar to a ratchet wrench when reaching the set-up torque.
It is one of the most popular and versatile clutches, suitable for wha-
tever kind of application with quite torque accuracy.
To know the different kind of the clutch systems exposed in this Catalogue can be useful to select correctly the
tool for each application.
The clutch is a mechanic device to control the adjustable torque inside the screwdriver which allows transferring
the accurate tighten to the screw, nut, bolt, etc. because of its mechanic system declutch when the tools reaches
the needed torque, assuring a correct tighten. Also it is important to know the kind of screw, the needed speed
and the material where we intend to screw to choose the correct screwdriver with the suitable clutch system.
This system allows using it in whatever situation where we could
find variable resistance when screwing. It is more recommendable
for materials like woods or plastics, even exceeding the set-up tor-
que just pressing with the bit against the screw.
This direct transmission mechanism, clutch less, provides the total
control about the screwing process by means of the air supply
regulation. It is a very versatile alternative when it is not reques-
ted a set-up torque. Its use is quite recommendable for wooden
It is very popular to use screws, bolts or nuts when industrial installing process, especially because the tighten
task is reversible. It is always possible to assemble and disassemble the parts without damaging them.
The torque process is based on the synergy of three factors: screw, materials to fix and the screwdriver. So
therefore the quality of this process is quite close to the correct selection of the best kind of screw, the material
where it will be inserted and the needed speed.