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Transport of goods
If at the moment of receiving the goods you notice that the packing is damaged or
broken, you have to settle it to the forwarder at the same instant and also advise to Yagüe
Importaciones, S.L. within the 24 hours after delivered.
Otherwise we will not take responsability of any damages on the goods. In case of a loss we
shall also provide you with the tracking document for the following up.
Return of goods
Goods will not be exchanged if damaged or used. If the packing is useless or damaged,
we shall apply a depreciation of the product. In the case of SicoAIR products, incomplete
aluminium pipes or damaged accesories will not be accepted.
For returning goods there is a stipulated period of 20 days since the Sales Note date. Always
they have to be sent to
Prepaid Freight
and after receiving the confirmation from
Importaciones, S.L.
All our tools are covered under a 12 months guarantee against whatever material or
manufacturing failure. That guarantee means the defective parts replacement as well as the
needed Workshop Service.
No change of item or tool will be accepted for a new brand one without Yagüe
Importaciones,S.L. authorization.
It will be expressly out of guarantee:
- A bad use of the product.
- A negligence of maintenance, cleaning, lubrication or greasing.
- Those parts under a normal wearing out by the use, as well as the involved attached
- The repair work from anyone not involved in the Technical Service of Yagüe Importaciones,SL
unless its authorised for it.
After-Sales Service
Only it will be issued a Repair Budget when the Workshop Service considers that the value
of the repairing does not exceed to the 50% of the new brand tool price.
After a period of 30 days without receiving reply to this document, the tool will be returned,
disassembled and not repaired by collected freight transport.
Yagüe Importaciones, S.L.