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Safety instructions
Attached with each pneumatic tool or power machine there is an Operating Manual where
there is detailed information regarding the assembling, mounting and the correct using of
each one. Therefore it is recommended before handling any product to read and understand
everything about that Manual book.
Worker’s protection
Yague Importaciones, S.L.
target is offering tools which provide the user safety and an
efficient work although the best safety watcher is yourself. Common sense and caution are
the best way to avoid a possible injury.
We cannot show here a list with all risks involved when handling a tool but we shall try to
refer some of the most important ones.
- Use the self-protection and safety systems built-in on tools and avoid removing or
cancelling them.
- Never drive tools towards other people whilst they are switch on. They could get
damaged if some of the accessories shoot out.
- Do not handle the tool without switching off or disconnecting it from electric power or air
- Remember that these tools are not designed to work in explosive environments and neither
they are isolated to contact with electrical sources.
- Check periodically the right performance of your tool and in case of noticing any failure,
change of sound, vibration, etc. then stop it and bring to the Technical Service. Some
tools can generate normal vibrations owed to its performance. A large period using a tool
can produce some troubles. When that happens, stop the tool and wait for a while to start
working again.
A continuous or large time under a very noise environment can produce a
auditive loss. Use ear protection for a noise level higher than 80 dBA.
Always use eye protection against casual impacts when working with tools
that can detach particles or sparks.
Before using a tool, please check that the hose, fittings and connections
are not damaged or with wearing out. Keep the hose under control to avoid
Each tool has a recommended work pressure. Do not exceed this work
pressure in order to increase the tool performance because you might cause
damage and reducing its life span.