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ultifunctional hole-cutters
The hole-cutter of adjustable diameter is an essential tool for
whatever professional related with installing lighting, plasterboard,
kitchens, decoration, carpentry … and a large list of similar appli-
Its transparent bowl has a double function, the eyes protection
against dust and cutting remains together with a clear vision of the
cutting job. It is suitable for using it on different surfaces such as
plasterboard, wood, plastic and metal sheets like brass, iron and
aluminum (with a thickness less than 0.5 mm)
The hole-cutter can be fitted in a portable drill, variable speed or elec-
tronic drill preferable.
Thanks to these features it is a recommendable tool for installing halo-
gens, downlights, soffits, loudspeakers … with a maximum circular hole
up to 300 mm diameter, depending on the model.
All models have a cutting depth up to 22.5 mm and a 45 mm thickness,
if you have the opportunity cut on both sides of the same material.
Attachment for the Kit
1 - Hole-cutter depending on the model
1 - Pilot drill bit
1 - Widia blade (for metal sheet)
1 - Cobalt blade (for plasterboard, wood or plastic)
1 - Adjusting rod
1 - Balance bars Set (4 or 6 pcs depending on the model)
1 - Spanner (for balance bars and blades)
1 - Blow case