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Technology of safety
• Safety mechanism which avoids the two parts from
• Minimum effort to connect and release.
• Body couplers made in a plastic compound with a high
resistant against vibration, impacts, oxidation and
• Long span life even after heavy duty, 100 operations
daily along 5 years.
Technical data
• Maximum work pressure, 16 bar.
• Temperature range: -20º / 70º C.
• Nitrilo joint assembled to guarantee the watertighness.
• Stainless steel spring.
• These couplers have an international compatibility with
the Rules:
ISO 6150-B
US MIL 4109-C
• Also abide the safety standards :
ISO 4414
DIN EN 983
Compatible with
• Interchangeable fitting systems with models from :
Quick nipples
• Made in steel and with an anti-rusting coating.
• The male thread plugs have a teflon coating.
Discharge the pressure sliding back-
wards as pointed by arrow 1.
Release the coupler towards up as
pointed by arrow 2.
The most
safety pressure
afety air quick couplers