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ir blow guns
- It is a handy tool able to carry out a
high power blowing as well as acting as
a vacuum of solids as dust, sawdust, thin
sand and even small metallic fragments.
- Includes 3 different nozzles and a hose
with bags.
- Plastic type with 1/4” metal thread.
- 100 and 320 mm tube.
- Spray nozzle function.
- Suitable to use it with soap and water.
- Aluminum type.
- For applications of polyurethane in spray.
- Tube with a ceramic inner coating to make
easy the foam projection.
- Trigger regulation to control the material
- Safety button to lock the trigger avoiding
the product delivery.
- With a spring balancer and upper side air
inlet to make easy its performance.
- 5x8 mm inner-outer hose diameter.
- Extension up to 1.5 m.
- 1/4” air inlet.
YA 5505
YA 5920
YA 5924
YA 5815